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Dialect expression of Romagna, in Italian "it must be done".

Because to get up here, we had oceans to cross.

And now that Sadafé reached mainland, we will tell you about its first steps.
Sadafè was born in 2015, from the idea of two old school friends Alessandro and Daniele.

The idea was there, but something was missing, they needed the right push. In 2017 arrives Federica, daughter of Alessandro, graduated in Pharmacy who brings in not only the energy of her 24 years but also the skills that would have allowed to open a company with a completely new production process, based on the respect and on the nutritional quality of the raw material.

That is how, in 2018 Sadafè was founded, starting from the union between tradition and innovation, and producing extra virgin olive oil and a whole series of products which contain the values of the three founding members. 

The oil

The olive, the perfect capsule for his Majesty:
the extra virgin olive oil

[…]the prodigy, the perfect capsules of the olives filling with their constellations, the foliage: then later, the bowls, the miracle, the olive oil […]

Pablo Neruda

The extra virgin olive oil is a living matter and it must be treated as such, it deserves attention and care both during its processing and during its preservation. We get the extra virgin olive oil from the main farms of our territory (Capolga Villa Verucchio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Correggiolo), creating a partnership of trust with the farmers of the area, who supply a product with the quality characteristics required by us. The whole process of acquisition of raw material includes a careful control of the traceability and certified laboratory analysis that provide us precise information on the chemical-physical aspects of the fruit. 

In addition to our own production of extra virgin olive oil, we also provide services to third parties, for information
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